What Should I Consider When Choosing Armchair for My Living Room?

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Since it is among the most important furniture of living rooms and living areas, questions are asked about what should I pay attention to when choosing an armchair for my living room. While the armchair was the chair of the past, it has become the most comfortable and individual chair of today. There are issues to be considered when choosing a wing chair that will give life to your living space with large and small alternatives.
The berjers, which provide personalized seating, give people a high level of comfort with their large and small designs. For this reason, berjers, which have a place in every part of your living spaces apart from your living room, add comfort to cafes and restaurants today. Although Berger reflects French culture to the furniture industry as a work of art, it is actually possible to talk about a different approach with the Ottoman Empire. Berger armchair models, which have the ability to change their aura with the region they are in, have unique designs with Sofamir Furniture. With your bookshelf, coffee tables accompanying the furniture that adds life to your living space, Sofamir Furniture has the feature of being the home owner of your living spaces with a wide range of products.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Berger Seat?

In particular, the most important parts of the living room and the sitting group, berger models can be purchased with or without armrests. Besides, it can provide a very large seating area. Thus, it contains features that offer comfort along with modern lines. The fact that those looking for comfort in their homes are starting to decorate with berjer armchairs shows the importance of these furniture. Single seat provides personal use. In this way, it would be right to talk about the striking diversity with different styles and designs. The main points to be considered in the purchase of berger armchairs, where you can enjoy your coffee and read your books, are as follows;

  • It should be chosen according to your room.
  • There should be a pattern and design in harmony with your other furniture.
  • Colors are part of harmony.
  • It should be strong and durable with its skeleton.
  • The wing chair should be long-lasting with its sponge quality in the seating area.
  • The fabric should be easy to clean and should be resistant to dirt and stains.
  • Comfort should be in the desired dimensions.
  • The size of the wing chair should be such that it allows people to sit comfortably.

Bergere Seat Frame

Durability and quality come to the fore in the production of armchairs. At this stage, if you want to use it for many years, you should especially pay attention to its skeleton. Because the type of wood used in the construction of the frame shows the durability of your armchair. Armchairs made of non-durable materials such as chipboard and poplar are extremely weak. For this reason, berjers made of hornbeam and beech wood should be especially preferred.

Sponge Quality

The quality of the sponge, especially in the sitting area of ​​the armchairs, is important with its comfort. Armchairs produced from sponges that do not deteriorate easily and do not compromise their comfort should be chosen. In addition, the weight of the sponge is important.
A durable fabric with long-term use is another feature sought. The fabric should not stain and should be easy to clean. In this sense, the issue that should be paid special attention is the type of fabric. According to the preference of the person, fabrics such as velvet, golen, chenille can be preferred. Stain-proof fabrics are the main features sought in the first stage with their color options.

Bergere Seat Dimensions

After sitting on the berjer chair, the feet should touch the ground. Berjers that are too high to touch the ground are extremely uncomfortable and cause physical discomfort to people. In addition, according to the size of the room positioned, it should provide you with movement space. At this stage, berjer seat dimensions are another issue to be considered.


The most important feature of Bergere chairs is that they add comfort. Because you can be a partner in long book adventures in the seats you choose to sit for long hours. In addition to this, your pleasant conversations with your loved ones are accompanied by sips of coffee with berjers. In your dining room and dining table, as well as armrestless armchairs, berjer armchair types that provide a wide seating opportunity and add comfort in your living room can be preferred. The most important issue at this stage is the diversity in the field you will purchase. Sofamir Furniture has a variety that can respond to these options.
Berjers can come with sofa sets. In addition, you can buy your berjer seats to accompany your sofas differently. Here, conbining can be done according to your preferences. At this stage, as with other furniture you need, Sofamir Furniture website provides you with excellent filtering opportunities in the selection of living room and wing chair. In this way, it becomes easier for you to choose a sofa set and armchair that suits your wishes.