What are the International Transport Options?

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In its most general form, international transportation is the name given to the process of transporting products from one country to another. Different modes of transportation such as road, sea, air and rail can be preferred for the transportation of traded products. These modes of transportation, each of which has its own characteristics, are also subject to different regulations and rules. The scope of the rules to be followed during the operations varies according to the mode of transport. The methods used in international transportation may vary according to the product features as well as from which country to which country to be sent. Each mode of transport has its own advantages. While maritime transport is an ideal method for shipping products over long distances, air transport is suitable for the shipment of time-sensitive products. Road transport has the advantage of door-to-door delivery. The answer to the question of what is international transportation can be briefly answered as transportation between countries.

What are the Characteristics of International Transport Types?

International transportation companies, of which Sofamir is among the pioneers, provide services to transport all cargo groups, including raw materials, materials and finished products, between different countries. Sofamir, with its different methods and flexible solutions, decides the most suitable transportation method according to both the demands of its customers and the characteristics of the product. Brief information about the types of international transportation is given below:

Road transport: It is the method in which the goods are delivered to the buyer by road vehicles. It is one of the most preferred methods in international transportation and has a very important role. It has a secure delivery feature thanks to its door-to-door delivery feature.
Sea transportation: It stands out as the most preferred international transportation mode in the world. With its safe and cost-effective solutions, it enables the transportation of large quantities of products easily. With the operational solutions it offers, it has many different service options such as bulk cargo, container, ro-ro transportation.
Air transport: It is the method in which airplanes are used as a means of transport. Different types of products can be delivered quickly and safely by air freight. In addition to the general cargo class, many products such as projects, dangerous goods, valuable goods, documents, perishable cargo and special cargo can be transported by air transport.
Rail transport: It is the method of transportation by rail system vehicles. It is preferred especially in short and long distance operations with the advantage of being integrated with intermodal transportation. It is frequently used for heavy and bulky cargoes, especially project submissions, bulk cargoes and containers.